Age Reform Soothing Skin and Lip Care .5oz

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This healing salve brings immediate relief to dry, chapped lips and minor skin irritations by sealing in long lasting moisture as it gently smoothes and exfoliates.

Additional features and ingredients:
•Vitamin E conditions and help relieve chapping and cracking
•Lanolin protects against environmental dehydration
•BHAs gently exfoliate to smooth away dry patches

About Murad Soothing Lip Therapy
Vitamin E, Lanolin and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) moisturize and protect dry and chapped lips. Skin care isn’t limited to just your face. The Science of Cellular Water ™ extends to all of your skin, your body’s largest organ.

About Murad Moisturizers
Hydration is the final step in the Murad three-step skin care regimen of cleanse, treat and hydrate. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, and that includes your lips! From a full range of antioxidant moisturizers, oil-free moisturizers and anti-aging moisturizers, Murad skin care products build healthy skin on the principle of hydrated, moisturized skin (and lips!).