IONIC Anti-Static 1875 Watt Dryer – 1038

ID: 1038

Our Price: $48.88

Hot Tools IONIC™ Anti-Static 1875 Watt Dryer is a full-size version of the popular 1035 model. The dryer features patented Direct ION™ Technology, a system which injects ions directly into the airstream and onto the hair to maximize the benefits of ION™ drying. The ions break down water molecules so they can more quickly be dried or absorbed into the hair. The result is faster drying and shinier hair with increased moisture and fewer “frizzies.” The dryer includes two speed and six heat settings, cool shot, removable lint filter, pik and concentrator attachments and a one-year warranty.

FastDry 1875 watts-high airflow and maximum heat for faster drying
8 speed / heat options
Separate switches for maximum control
Cool shot for setting the style
Removable lint filter for easy cleaning
8-ft. power cord
Low EMFs
Includes pik and concentrator
One-year warranty
ProGuard® safety plug with test and reset features for immersion shock protection