Bodycare Firm and Tone Serum 6.75oz

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Breakthrough serum contains encapsulated liposomes that deliver active ingredients to the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.
Additional features and ingredients:
•Cayenne Pepper invigorates and stimulates the skin
•Horse Chestnut Tree Extract and Tiger’s Herb help restore firmer and smoother skin
•Cat’s Claw, an extract from the Amazonian Palm Forest, reduces the appearance of dimpled skin associated with cellulite

*Individual results may vary. Study results on file.

This anti cellulite serum from the scientific skin care and cellulite experts at Murad can help you enjoy firm, smooth, beautiful skin all over your body. More than just a cellulite cream, Firm and Tone Serum reduces the appearance of cellulite and increases the overall firmness of skin. This serum is such an amazing anti cellulite treatment that it’s been featured in Spa, TV Guide, Fitness, Allure, More, Shop Etc., US Weekly, Elle and Life & Style. But don’t just read about the results. Start your journey to a smooth, cellulite free body today with this amazing anti cellulite solution that works from Murad. Go beyond cellulite cream and use a cellulite solution with the power of science.