Arc Angel Gel

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DevaCare Arc Angel Gel is a moisturizing curl defining gel for maximum frizz prevention that provides medium to firm hold without feeling stiff or sticky.  It provides a firm hold and is a moisturizing and defining gel that dissolves instantly when applied to wet hair and dries forming a moisture-protective cast to enhance curls.  As in all Deva Curl products, devacare arc angell contains many natural active ingredients including orange peel, wheat and soy.  DevaCare products are geared more towards chemically processed and severely damaged hair than the Devacurl range.

DevaCare Arc Angel Gel Directions:
Tilt head forward.  Scrunch wet curls in an upward motion.  Apply gel between palms and glide through hair.  Scrunch upward toward the scalp to define curls.  Once dry, scrunch curls again to release cast to reveal beautiful curls. Resist the urge to touch your curls once you’ve applied DevaCare Arc AnGEL. This rule is particularly important on frizz prone days.

Recommended for Curl Types
S’wavy, Wavy, Botticelli, Corkscrew