Curls Up, Combs Down Wavy and Curly Kit

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One of the biggest myths about wavy and curly hair is that you can’t do much with it. The truth? There are loads of options! The Curls Up, Combs Down attitude is all about having a blast with your hair. No rules. No stress. This kit is packed with four moisturizing essentials to give lasting fullness and soft definition to wavy and curly hair. Play, create and show us what you’ve got.

Set Contents
• 8 oz. DevaCurl No-Poo® – Our award-winning, zero-lather cleanser, formulated with peppermint and grapeseed oil, stimulates and gently cleans the scalp and hair without stripping away the natural oils your curls need.
• 8 oz. DevaCurl One Condition™ – This rich and creamy daily conditioner drenches your curls with moisture and helps prevent frizz. The classic formula is made with moisturizing olive oil and nourishing botanicals to deliver softness and hydration.
• 7.5 oz. Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam – An alcohol-free, lightweight foam that delivers weightless volume from the roots to the ends. Infused with sunflower glycerides that provide moisture and shine , the result is soft, touchable curls with fullness, definition and shine.
• 3 oz. Styling Cream – An award winning, rich and creamy botanically-infused styler that nourishes curls while providing hold, definition and protection from frizz. Formulated with jojoba and tapioca starch, it has smoothing, strengthening properties and gives curls a soft feel.