Acne Clarifying Mask 2.65oz

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Clarifying Mask boosts the acne-fighting power of your acne regimen. Rare earth clays, Kaolin and Bentonite, purify and deep-clean by drawing out and absorbing impurities. Sulfur reduces acne’s severity as it encourages skin to clear.

Additional features and ingredients:
Sulfur reduces acne’s severity as it encourages the skin to clear
Zinc Oxide and Licorice Root Extract soothe, comfort and calm skin
Kaolin Clay regulates oil production and reduces shine

About Murad Clarifying Mask
Part of any complete acne treatment system is a mask treatment to give you that extra boost of clarifying action for perfect skin. Murad Clarifying Mask uses rare earth clays to draw out impurities. This means that there will be less bacteria in your pores to cause acne breakouts and flare ups. Sulfur then directly treats your acne and reduces its severity immediately. As part of any skin care routine, the use of a mask treatment on a regular basis allows you to treat problems deep beneath the skin while also giving yourself a bit of luxury. Get rid of acne and improve your skin’s overall appearance with a mask treatment. You’ll find that you’ll have beautiful skin for days.

About Murad Face Mask and Home Facial Products
Murad face masks and home facials are designed to give you beautiful, glowing skin no matter what your skin type or skin concern is. Developed by Dr. Howard Murad in his Los Angeles dermatology and Inclusive Health® office, Murad masks combine the best of science and nature for the ultimate in skin care ingredients. Not only do Murad skin care masks and facials improve your skin health, but they give you an opportunity to take time just for you in the day as well!